Commit 6f1740c5 authored by Frederic Peters's avatar Frederic Peters

release: 3.2.1

parent 7890b308
Version 3.2.1
Fixed bugs:
- #648990, [PATCH] Support running scan-build (Clang Static Analyzer) with
autotools projects
- #653050, "jhbuild make" command
- #654701, consider hacks for Debian and other tar+wget wrappers that
don't have RPM-like Provides: pkgconfig(foo)
- #655164, All tests were broken by recent changes
- #655417, build, tinderbox, list, info commands are slow
- #660455, Accerciser changes in 3.2 and 3.4 modulesets
- #660527, jhbuild fails to run on mac or windows
- #660853, Broken bz2 files terminates jhbuild
- #660939, Update autotools configuration
- #660995, change the error message on command not found
- #661010, jhbuild modulesets require out-of-date version of libgee (0.6.0
instead of
- Marek 膶ernock媒 (cs)
- Mario Bl盲ttermann (de)
- Daniel Mustieles, Jorge Gonz谩lez (es)
- Alexandre Franke (fr)
- Matej Urban膷i膷, Martin Srebotnjak (sl)
Documentation translators:
- Daniel Mustieles (es)
Many thanks to all contributors: Javier Hern谩ndez, Kalev Lember, Joanmarie
Diggs, Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen, Colin Walters, Javier Jard贸n, Dan
Winship, Cosimo Cecchi, Jeremy Huddleston, Xan Lopez, Jorge Gonz谩lez, Marek
膶ernock媒, Matthias Clasen, Alexandre Franke, Guillaume Desmottes, Craig
Keogh, Matej Urban膷i膷, Mario Bl盲ttermann, Bj枚rn Lindqvist, Krzesimir
Nowak, Martin Srebotnjak, Stef Walter, Daniel Mustieles, Michael Terry
Version 3.2.0
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