Commit 545c3c77 authored by Frederic Peters's avatar Frederic Peters

3.4: switch gmime back to tarball (GNOME bug 670799)

This avoids the autogen-time dependency on gpgme.
parent 359ea5ac
......@@ -533,13 +533,15 @@
<autotools id="gmime">
<tarball id="gmime" version="2.6.6">
<source href=""
md5sum="cdff0a47ea3803def4e716ab5355de88" size="721152"/>
<dep package="gtk-doc"/>
<dep package="glib"/>
<autotools id="gstreamer" autogenargs="-- --disable-tests" makeargs="GLIB_EXTRA_CFLAGS=-UG_DISABLE_DEPRECATED ERROR_CFLAGS=" supports-non-srcdir-builds="no">
<branch repo="" module="gstreamer"/>
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