Commit 4a267135 authored by Christophe Fergeau's avatar Christophe Fergeau

Build libvirt as a dependency for libvirt-glib/boxes

I initially thought we could use the system libvirt, but unfortunately
it's too old on most distros. Adding it to the moduleset makes testing
easier. Since boxes spawns a session libvirtd, we don't need any
specific tweaking of the system for libvirtd to work.
parent f6c04b77
...@@ -57,6 +57,14 @@ ...@@ -57,6 +57,14 @@
</dependencies> </dependencies>
</tarball> </tarball>
<tarball id="libvirt" version="0.9.7">
<source href=""
md5sum="4308b3f4d23f5b0c5196260a9a22a38b" size="17853636"/>
<tarball id="librsync" version="0.9.7" checkoutdir="librsync-0.9.7"> <tarball id="librsync" version="0.9.7" checkoutdir="librsync-0.9.7">
<source href="" <source href=""
hash="sha256:6633e4605662763a03bb6388529cbdfd3b11a9ec55b8845351c1bd9a92bc41d6" hash="sha256:6633e4605662763a03bb6388529cbdfd3b11a9ec55b8845351c1bd9a92bc41d6"
...@@ -293,12 +301,12 @@ ...@@ -293,12 +301,12 @@
</dependencies> </dependencies>
</autotools> </autotools>
<!-- Assume libvirt from system -->
<autotools id="libvirt-glib"> <autotools id="libvirt-glib">
<branch repo="" module="libvirt-glib.git"/> <branch repo="" module="libvirt-glib.git"/>
<dependencies> <dependencies>
<dep package="glib"/> <dep package="glib"/>
<dep package="gobject-introspection"/> <dep package="gobject-introspection"/>
<dep package="libvirt"/>
<dep package="vala"/> <dep package="vala"/>
</dependencies> </dependencies>
</autotools> </autotools>
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