Commit 2930f52c authored by Javier Jard贸n's avatar Javier Jard贸n

core-deps-3.4: GTK+2 and at-spi2 not needed when not buildind webkit2

parent 7565c0b7
......@@ -857,15 +857,12 @@
<dep package="at-spi2-core"/>
<dep package="cairo"/>
<dep package="fontconfig"/>
<dep package="geoclue"/>
<dep package="libxml2"/>
<dep package="gst-plugins-base"/>
<dep package="gtk+"/>
<!-- GTK+ 2.x required for the plugin process when build Webkit2 -->
<dep package="gtk+-2"/>
<dep package="pango"/>
<dep package="libsoup"/>
<dep package="gobject-introspection"/>
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