Commit 14c713e7 authored by Niels De Graef's avatar Niels De Graef

Merge branch 'wip/nielsdg/libsecret-meson' into 'master'

core-deps-latest: libsecret has Meson support now

See merge request !11
parents f9ecbba5 033bcfaf
......@@ -1538,9 +1538,9 @@
<autotools id="libsecret">
<meson id="libsecret">
<if condition-set="macos">
<autogenargs value="--disable-manpages"/>
<mesonargs value="-Dmanpage=false"/>
......@@ -1550,7 +1550,7 @@
<dep package="libgcrypt"/>
<autotools id="libsigcplusplus-2.0">
<branch repo=""
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