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    install-check: Drop as no longer useful and potentially dangerous · 18aaf92d
    Emanuele Aina authored
    `install-check` is totally pointless when installing to a DESTDIR and
    copying the files into place, which nowadays is JHBuild's normal method
    of operation.
    It's also potentially problematic when mixed with .pyc files in the case
    that we don't do a DESTDIR install (for some reason).  The .pyc file can
    be updated (due to the fact that it contains a timestamp) and will
    therefore be installed, but the original .py file wouldn't be because
    it's the same.  This means that the timestamp in the .pyc file would
    mismatch the installed .py file (which would either be equal to the
    timestamp that it was checked out of git, or that it was generated, if
    that is the case).
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