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updated docs and modules list

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2003-08-21 Mark Finlay <>
2003-08-23 Mark Finlay <>
* modulesets/gnome24.modules:
gnome-media, gnome-games, gnome2-user-docs,
gnome-system-monitor(procman) added to meta-gnome-desktop;
gconf-editor and gnome-utils higher up the deps list;
Removed monkey-media rhythmbox dependency.
* README: /r/--no-cvs/--no-network : bug #113652;
Update bootstap list; Add a "Starting Gnome" section;
Update/clarify one or two things.
* sample.jhbuildrc: Removing whitespace from commented out options:
fix for #113652
TODO: Finish deps for gnome2-user-docs and gnome-system-tools
2003-08-20 Mark Finlay <>
* modulesets/gnome24.modules:
......@@ -44,8 +44,9 @@ Configuring
To install the scripts run "make install", and then copy
sample.jhbuildrc to ~/.jhbuildrc and edit to match your setup. My rc
file is provided for reference as jamesh.jhbuildrc.
sample.jhbuildrc to you home directory, rename it to .jhbuildrc
and edit to match your setup. My rc file is provided for reference as
For people using vicious-build-scripts to build gnome 2.0, the
vbs-head.jhbuildrc sample configuration file might be a good one to
......@@ -60,11 +61,15 @@ This will check your tools, and optionally download and build the
required versions (they will be installed under the prefix given in
your .jhbuildrc file). Currently it checks for and builds the
gettext 0.11.2 (applies the patch to fix the po/ChangeLog problem)
autoconf 2.53
libtool 1.4.2
gettext 0.11.5 (applies the patch to fix the po/ChangeLog problem)
autoconf 2.57
libtool 1.5
automake 1.4
automake 1.6
pkg-config 0.12.0
automake 1.7
pkg-config 0.15.0
python 2.x
audiofile 0.2.3
Bootstrapping should only need to be done once (unless the
requirements of some package change).
......@@ -78,8 +83,9 @@ Some useful options that this command takes include:
--autogen always run
--clean run "make clean" before make when building
--no-cvs don't update source from cvs
--no-network don't update source from cvs
--skip=MODULES skip building the given modules
--start-at=MODULE start building at the given module
If you just want to checkout the latest versions of everything, run:
jhbuild update
......@@ -104,6 +110,8 @@ command:
(this command takes the same extra options as 'jhbuild build').
For details of all jbhuild's command line options:
jhbuild --help
Error handling
......@@ -129,6 +137,22 @@ between modules change (usually, no change to the ~/.jhbuildrc will be
Running Gnome
Once you have built Gnome with jhbuild you need a way to start it:
If you use GDM to log into Gnome you need to create a session file in
/etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/(directory may be different on non-redhat systems).
Call it whatever you like and make it executable. Then add the lines:
/path/to/jhbuild run gnome-session
If you use startx to run gnome just add '/path/to/jhbuild run gnome-session'
to you ~/.xinitrc
Reporting Bugs
......@@ -551,7 +551,6 @@
<cvsmodule id="rhythmbox">
<dep package="monkey-media" />
<dep package="gnome-panel" />
<dep package="gst-plugins" />
......@@ -835,7 +834,11 @@
<dep package="ggv" />
<dep package="file-roller" />
<dep package="metacity" />
<dep package="gconf-editor" />
<dep package="gnome-utils" />
<dep package="procman" />
<dep package="gstreamer" />
<dep package="gnome-media" />
<dep package="nautilus-media" />
<dep package="gcalctool" />
<dep package="gpdf" />
......@@ -846,8 +849,8 @@
<dep package="gok" />
<dep package="epiphany" />
<dep package="gnomemeeting" />
<dep package="gconf-editor" />
<dep package="gnome-utils" />
<dep package="gnome-games" />
<dep package="gnome2-user-docs" />
<metamodule id="meta-gnome-devel-tools">
......@@ -1012,4 +1015,21 @@
<dep package="libgnomeui" />
<cvsmodule id="procman">
<dep package="libgtop" />
<dep package="gal" />
<dep package="libgnome" />
<cvsmodule id="gnome-system-tools">
<dep package="glib" />
<cvsmodule id="gnome2-user-docs">
<dep package="glib" />
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
import os
# if you have a cvs account, uncomment this line
# cvsroots[''] = ''
#cvsroots[''] = ''
# what module set should be used?
moduleset = 'gnome24'
......@@ -22,10 +22,10 @@ prefix = '/opt/gnome2'
# extra arguments to pass to all scripts
# to speed up builds of gnome2, try '--disable-static --disable-gtk-doc'
# autogenargs=''
# set CFLAGS:
# cflags = '-g -O2'
#cflags = '-g -O2'
# a alternative install program to use.
# The included install-check program won't update timestamps if the
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