Commit aba48bdb authored by Allison Karlitskaya's avatar Allison Karlitskaya
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bootstrap: update gtk-osx-docbook version

The new version contains two fixes:

 - the files are now listed properly in the manifest (for uninstall)

 - the xmlcatalog is now installed in the datadir (share/) so that
   gtk-doc can find it without extra ./configure arguments
parent 3649024e
......@@ -102,8 +102,8 @@
<autotools id="gtk-osx-docbook" autogen-sh="configure" supports-non-srcdir-builds="no">
<branch repo="sourceforge" module="gtk-osx/gtk-osx-docbook-1.1.tar.gz" version="1.1"
size="1931036" hash="sha256:fd43e5423ecd55025d81ac5482f01c6982b7cb0cdbb54f74d4bf65716c49414c"/>
<branch repo="sourceforge" module="gtk-osx/gtk-osx-docbook-1.2.tar.gz" version="1.2"
size="1985073" hash="sha256:1550665e4130c64914d26036785be1878a5867fd2bd9b954a30d0c82dee98789"/>
<autotools id="libffi" autogen-sh="configure">
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