Commit 8982a0b1 authored by Michael Catanzaro's avatar Michael Catanzaro
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3.20: Make cairo a sysdep

I'm a bit hesitant because GTK+ requires a cairo that is only one year
old, and this dependency is bound to increase in the future. But we have
to break the circular dependency gobject-introspection -> cairo ->
librsvg -> gdk-pixbuf -> gobject-introspection or new users will never
be able to build anything, and the best way I see to do that is to take
cairo out of the equation. If this doesn't work we might need to explore
building two separate cairos, one as a bootstrap without SVG support.
parent 52a305d3
......@@ -87,23 +87,6 @@
<autotools id="cairo" autogenargs="--enable-gl">
<if condition-set="quartz">
<autogenargs value="--enable-quartz --disable-gl"/>
<branch repo="">
<if condition-unset="quartz">
<dep package="fontconfig"/>
<dep package="gl"/>
<dep package="gtk-doc"/>
<dep package="librsvg"/>
<dep package="pixman"/>
<autotools id="cairomm" autogen-sh="configure">
<branch module="releases/cairomm-${version}.tar.gz"
......@@ -48,6 +48,11 @@
<systemmodule id="cairo">
<branch repo="system" version="1.14.0"/>
<systemmodule id="c++">
<branch repo="system"/>
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