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Prepare 3.38.0.

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3.38.0 – September 12, 2020
New stable release! There hasn’t been many changes in
this cycle, the main one being the new icon. Perfect!
Translations updated (since 3.37.91):
Catalan: Jordi Mas
Czech: Marek Černocký
Danish: Ask Hjorth Larsen
German: Mario Blättermann
Hungarian: Balázs Meskó
Italian: Milo Casagrande
Korean: DaeHyun Sung
Persian: Danial Behzadi
Polish: Piotr Drąg
Serbian: Марко Костић
Slovak: Dušan Kazik
Slovenian: Matej Urbančič
Spanish: Daniel Mustieles
3.37.91 – August 26, 2020
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@
<!-- should be kept in versioning inverted order -->
<release version="3.38.0" date="2020-09-12" type="stable" urgency="medium"/>
<release version="3.37.91" date="2020-08-28" type="development" urgency="low"/>
<release version="3.36.0" date="2020-03-09" type="stable" urgency="medium"/>
project('iagno', ['vala', 'c'],
version: '3.37.91')
version: '3.38.0')
project_id = 'org.gnome.Reversi'
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