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    dl-integration: Show stats, load file on click, improve UX/UI · df27cb6d
    Teja Cetinski authored
    Modify DL widget UI: add labels to show instructions and stats,
    change header title and icon, add wrapper box for combo boxes.
    Modify projects widget UI: add load from DL button, switch to
    DL widget on click.
    Add step to show file name and stats, add button with click event
    to load the file.
    Reload module details on module change.
    Module details: before (re)loading, empty branches and domains combo
    boxes, empty/disable or show stats, file path, instructions labels
    accordingly; check request status and show a dialog on failure.
    Add function to load file info: path to PO, stats. Save file path to
    avoid additional soap request, change file loading function accordingly.
    Add /tmp to flatpak finish args.
    Other small refactoring/UI changes.