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Update for 2.91.1.

* Rised error level for distcheck - I'll just remove the comma
in cairo.h myself and that was fixed upstream anyway.
* NEWS: Updated.
* README: Updated version and dependencies.
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# .../usr/include/cairo/cairo.h:1976: error: comma at end of enumerator list
#DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS = --enable-warnings=fatal
DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS = --enable-warnings=fatal
src_subdirs = codegen gtksourceview/src
* Lots API/ABI breaks - a document about migrating from gtksourceviewmm-2.0
to gtksourceviewmm-3.0 is to be written, because some of ABI breaks are nasty.
(Krzesimir Nowak)
* SourceBuffer: Wrapped "bracket-matched" signal.
(Krzesimir Nowak)
* SourceIter: Gone.
(Krzesimir Nowak)
* Bumped API version to 3.0, so now it also uses gtkmm-3.0. (Murray Cumming)
* Some deprecated methods were removed. (Murray Cumming)
C++ wrapper for gtksourceview, version 2.91.0.
C++ wrapper for gtksourceview, version 2.91.1.
Current dependencies:
- to build a library from tarball:
* gtksourceview >= 2.91.0
* gtksourceview >= 2.91.1
* gtkmm >= 2.91.2
- to build a documentation:
* same as above and tools required by mm-common, that are:
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