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    dimanche 17 septembre 2006, 11:24:22 (UTC+0200) Dodji Seketeli · dd14e8f0
    Dodji Seketeli authored
    	* AUTHORS, README: updated this.
    	* configure.in: changed the name of the project to libgtksourceviewmm
    	  (the former name gtksourceviewmm). This change allows me to start
    	  versioning the projet at version number 0.1.0 which reflects more
    	  the current state of the library. The initial gtksourceviewmm
    	  project I forked from had revision number 1.10.0. As I think that
    	  the library is too young to deserve a revision number > 1.0, I felt
    	  like I had the change the name of the project.
    	  The users just have to change their name configure.ac file and
    	  check for libgtksourceview-1.0.pc file , with version number 0.1.0.
    	  Everything else remains unchanged.
    	* gtksourceview/gtksourceviewmm-1.0.pc.in: renamed this into
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=19