1. 06 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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      language-specs: do not mark strings for translation · eec7a2fe
      Sébastien Wilmet authored
      Keep only the _section translatable, those make sense to translate.
      The language names (e.g. Swift, Kotlin, Maxima) should not be
      translated, for example if Maxima is translated the user will certainly
      be confused…
      The style names are not very useful to translate, because the user never
      sees those strings! It is used for example by a gedit plugin to
      create/edit style schemes. The style names are probably hard to
      translate anyway, and I'm sure that it was often translated in a way
      that the user didn't understand what it means… So, since those strings
      are extremely rarely used, and since they are hard to translate without
      context, it is better to not translate them at all. It's like GObject
      Also, the *.lang file format doesn't support well translatable strings.
      Ideally each translatable string should have its own tag, with the
      translatable="yes" property, the possibility to add a context, etc.
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      matlab/octave: drop its use for files with mime for the other type. · 50497519
      David Miguel Susano Pinto authored
      * both matlab.lang and octave.lang files were currently being used for
      files with mimetypes "text/x-matlab" and "text/x-octave".  Octave has
      plenty of extra syntax missing from Matlab and thus, the matlab mimetype
      should not be used for files identified as octave.  While the opposite
      is not true, i.e., Matlab code should run just fine in Octave, in
      practice, code that is identified as Matlab is probably aiming at Matlab
      compatibility and should avoid using Octave highlight.
      * Note that whether a file was written in Octave or Matlab is irrelevant.
      If a file was written in Octave but only uses features that are also
      present in Matlab, it probably aims at Matlab compatibility and should
      be highlighted as Matlab.
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      Split and update matlab and octave lang files. · f25a00ae
      Paolo Borelli authored
      The two syntaxes have grown too different to keep a single lang file.
      Split in two files and leverage inclusion to share common parts.
      Octave lang file can then be improved with all the octave specific
      extensions. Patch by Carnë Draug.
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      Attempt to fix usage of def:preprocessor style. def:preprocessor stays in, · 8163b7ac
      Yevgen Muntyan authored
      2007-07-17  Yevgen Muntyan  <muntyan@tamu.edu>
      	Attempt to fix usage of def:preprocessor style. def:preprocessor
      	stays in, and is supposed to be used for "preprocessor things".
      	Too late now to fix it, should have done it in convert.py a year ago.
      	Added def:special-value style for things like TRUE and FALSE in C.
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/def.lang:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/sql.lang:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/javascript.lang:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/po.lang:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/ini.lang:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/python.lang:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/c.lang:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/scheme.lang:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/texinfo.lang:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/tango.xml:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/gtkrc.lang:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/gvim.xml:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/css.lang:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/perl.lang:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/kate.xml:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/java.lang:
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/octave.lang:
      	See above.
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/pkgconfig.lang:
      	Added comments.
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/testfiles.sh:
      	A script which outputs bunch of files using different languages,
      	to quick-test whether parsing/highlighting broke.
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=1507
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      Continuing great relicensing. · f8e5bb49
      Yevgen Muntyan authored
      2007-06-17  Yevgen Muntyan  <muntyan@tamu.edu>
      	Continuing great relicensing.
      	* README: updated the paragraph about licenses.
      	* gtksourceview/language-specs/*:
      	Added authors, contributors and license texts.
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=1412
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