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    added args ::show_text, ::text_xalign, ::text_yalign, ::activity_mode. · 98e22a43
    Tim Janik authored
    Sun Nov 22 16:21:28 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkprogress.c: added args ::show_text, ::text_xalign,
     	::text_yalign, ::activity_mode.
    	* gtk/gtkprogressbar.c: added construct arg ::adjustment. added args
     	::bar_style, ::orientation, ::discrete_blocks, ::activity_step,
    	(gtk_progress_bar_new_with_adjustment): use gtk_widget_new().
    	(gtk_progress_bar_construct): deprecated.
    	* gtk/gtkvscrollbar.c:
    	(gtk_vscrollbar_draw_step_forw): use "vscrollbar" as detail for
     	gtk_paint_arrow, to be consistent with hscrollbar.
    	* gtk/gtktext.c
    	added construct args ::hadjustment, ::vadjustment.
    	added args ::line_wrap, ::word_wrap.
    	(gtk_text_class_init): added scroll_adjustments signal.
    	(gtk_text_new): use gtk_widget_new.
    	(gtk_text_disconnect): remove adjustement with gtk_text_set_adjustments,
    	so we don't screw the reference counts and don't leave signals connected.
     	(gtk_text_destroy): disconnect adjustments signals.
     	(gtk_text_finalize): unref adjustments.
    	* gtk/gtkctree.c: added construct args ::n_columns and ::tree_column.
    	added args ::indent, ::spacing, ::show_stub, ::reorderable,
     	::use_drag_icons, ::line_style and ::expander_style.
    	(gtk_ctree_set_show_stub): renamed from gtk_ctree_show_stub, which is
    	deprecated now.
    	* gtk/gtkclist.h: remove GTK_CLIST_CONSTRUCT flag.
    	* gtk/gtkclist.c:
     	removed ::vadjustment and ::hadjustment args, introduced
     	::scroll_adjustments signal.
    	added ::shadow_type, ::selection_mode and ::row_height args.
    	added n_columns construct arg.
    	(gtk_clist_construct): call gtk_object_constructed().
     	(gtk_clist_set_row_height): if height is passed as 0,
    	revert to automatic height calculation.
    	(gtk_clist_destroy): before unrefing the adjustments, disconnect our
    	signal handlers.
    Fri Nov 21 22:34:58 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkwidget.c (gtk_widget_new): call gtk_object_default_construct
    	like gtk_object_new.
    	(gtk_widget_destroy): assert that we only destroy constructed widgets.
    	* gtk/gtkobject.h (enum GtkArgFlags): new flag GTK_ARG_CONSTRUCT_ONLY
    	to identify args that may only be used for construction.
    	GTK_ARG_CONSTRUCT maybe used as normal arguments besides construction
    	* gtk/gtkobject.c (gtk_object_new): invoke gtk_object_default_construct
    	at the end if the object is not fully constructed.
    	(gtk_object_newv): likewise.
    	(gtk_object_destroy): assert that we only destroy constructed objects.
     	(gtk_object_init): setup GTK_CONSTRUCTED from the
    	objects real klass.
    	(gtk_object_default_construct): new function to complete default
    	construction of an object by applying missing construtor args with
    	default values of 0, 0.0 or NULL.
    	(gtk_object_constructed): new function to mark an object as being
    	constructed (used from within constructors).
    	* gtk/gtkarg.c (gtk_arg_type_new_static): return the args info pointer
    	so it is immediatedly available for the caller.
    	* gtk/gtktypeutils.c (gtk_type_new): pass an object's real class to
    	the object initilizer (GtkObjectInitFunc takes a second arg now, the
     	real klass), and asure that object initializers may temporarily alter
    	the class pointer.
    Fri Nov 20 08:00:30 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/testgtk.c: change all occourances of gtk_container_add (
    	scrolled_window, widget) to gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport (...)
    	for widget!=(clist, ctree, text, viewport).
    	* gtk/gtkcombo.c:
     	(gtk_combo_init): use gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport()
    	to add children to the scrolled window.
    	* gtk/gtkscrolledwindow.h:
    	* gtk/gtkscrolledwindow.c:
    	changed scrolled_window->viewport to scrolled_window->child, and use
    	gtk_widget_scroll_adjustements() to set the scroll adjustments for the
    	widget, we do not create an additional viewport anymore.
    	added ::hadjustment and ::vadjustment constructor args.
     	(gtk_scrolled_window_new): use gtk_widget_new() to create the widget.
    	(gtk_scrolled_window_set_vadjustment): new functions that superceed
    	(gtk_scrolled_window_construct): deprecated this function.
    	* gtk/gtkhscrollbar.c:
    	* gtk/gtkvscrollbar.c:
    	* gtk/gtkhscale.c:
    	* gtk/gtkvscale.c:
    	support a constructor arg "::adjustment", and use gtk_widget_new() for
    	the widget creation.
    	* gtk/gtkrange.c: added ::update_policy arg.
     	(gtk_range_set_adjustment): if adjustment is passed in as NULL, create
     	a default adjustment so this function can be used for derived widgets
     	that depend on the adjustment's existance.
    	(gtk_range_destroy): disconnect the adjustment signal, so we don't
    	get called after we got destroyed, we don't destroy the adjustment
    	in here, because it might have been provided from another widget.
    	* gtk/gtkviewport.c: introduced ::scroll_adjustments signal.
    	(gtk_viewport_destroy): same as gtk_range_destroy.
    	* gtk/gtkprogress.c (gtk_progress_destroy): same as gtk_range_destroy.
    	* gtk/gtkwidget.h:
    	* gtk/gtkwidget.c: changed gtk_widget_activate() to return a
    	gboolean, indicating whether this widget supports activation.
    	added gtk_widget_scroll_adjustements() to set the scrolling
    	adjustments of a widget.
    Wed Nov 19 01:22:42 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkoptionmenu.c:
    	(gtk_option_menu_update_contents): removed
     	gtk_container_[un]block_resize() pairs.
    	* gtk/gtknotebook.h:
    	* gtk/gtknotebook.c: removed the tab_border field, since it shouldn't
    	be used outside of gtknotebook.c anyways. made ARG_TAB_BORDER a
    	wrtie-only argument.
    	* *.c: made deprecated functions issue a message:
    	gtk_clist_set_border, gtk_container_block_resize,
     	gtk_container_unblock_resize, gtk_container_need_resize,
     	gtk_object_class_add_user_signal, gtk_spin_button_construct,
    	removed non-functional functions:
    	gtk_container_disable_resize, gtk_container_enable_resize,
    Wed Nov 18 22:54:36 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkbox.c (gtk_box_init):
    	* gtk/gtkdrawingarea.c (gtk_drawing_area_init):
    	* gtk/gtkeventbox.c (gtk_event_box_init):
    	* gtk/gtkfixed.c (gtk_fixed_init):
    	* gtk/gtkframe.c (gtk_frame_init):
    	* gtk/gtkhandlebox.c (gtk_handle_box_init):
    	* gtk/gtkpacker.c (gtk_packer_init):
    	* gtk/gtkmisc.c (gtk_misc_init):
    	* gtk/gtkpreview.c (gtk_preview_init):
    	* gtk/gtkprogress.c (gtk_progress_init):
    	* gtk/gtkprogressbar.c (gtk_progress_bar_init):
    	* gtk/gtkseparator.c (gtk_separator_init):
    	* gtk/gtktable.c (gtk_table_init):
    	* gtk/gtkviewport.c (gtk_viewport_init):
    	* gtk/gtkalignment.c (gtk_alignment_init):
    	removed setting of the GTK_BASIC flag.
    	* gtk/gtkwidget.h:
    	* gtk/gtkwidget.c:
    	removed GTK_BASIC, GTK_WIDGET_BASIC and	gtk_widget_basic.
    	* miscellaneous GtkType and macro fixups.
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