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      broadway: Add initial touch event support · 82acc05c
      Alexander Larsson authored
      This seems to get something going on an ipad, but some events seem
      to get swallowed. For instance, window dragging doesn't work.
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      broadway: Add raise/lower ops · d8c17d07
      Alexander Larsson authored
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      broadway: use 'click-to-focus' approach instead of 'focus-follows-mouse' · ddade664
      Alexander Larsson authored
      The broadway backend would move the focus from one window to another based on
      where the mouse was (i.e. 'focus-follows-mouse' approach). Handling the focus
      this wait didn't play well with widgets which rely on focus-in-event and
      focus-out-event, like the GtkEntry when using a completion popup window, see
      So instead, setup broadway to require a click in a window to move the focus
      (i.e. 'click-to-focus' approach):
       * The implicit GDK_FOCUS_CHANGE events that were generated upon reception of
       * The broadway daemon will now keep track of which is the focused window
       * Whenever the daemon detects an incoming BROADWAY_EVENT_BUTTON_PRESS, it will
         trigger the focused window switch, which sends a new BROADWAY_EVENT_FOCUS to
         the client, specifying which windows holds the focus.
       * Upon reception of a BROADWAY_EVENT_FOCUS, the client will generate a new
       * gdk_broadway_window_focus() was also implemented, which now requests the
         focus to the broadway server using a new BROADWAY_REQUEST_FOCUS_WINDOW.
      This is based on an initial patch from Aleksander Morgado <aleksander@lanedo.com>.
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