1. 05 Feb, 2019 1 commit
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  4. 23 Jul, 2016 1 commit
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      Opt in to structured logging · 82fd72a4
      Matthias Clasen authored
      Define G_LOG_USE_STRUCTURED, so that all our g_debug, g_warning,
      etc calls directly use structured logging and provide source information.
  5. 10 May, 2016 1 commit
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  17. 13 Dec, 2015 1 commit
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      gdk: Allow passing the start coordinates in drag_begin · 268c7a3e
      Matthias Clasen authored
      Add a variant of gdk_drag_begin that takes the start position
      in addition to the device. All backend implementation have been
      updated to accept (and ignore) the new arguments.
      Subsequent commits will make use of the data in some backends.
  18. 24 Sep, 2015 1 commit
    • Emmanuele Bassi's avatar
      build: Dist toarray.pl · 020af232
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      Some distributions (MSYS2, Debian) call autoreconf on a tarball because
      they change the autotools artifacts.
      In order to rebuild the Broadway generated files, we need to ship the
      scripts that we use when disting a release.
  19. 15 Sep, 2015 2 commits
    • Chun-wei Fan's avatar
      MSVC Builds: Massive Rename of Projects · 6423a02c
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      We need to rename the projects so that when these projects are added
      into an all-in-one solution file that will build the GTK+ 2/3 stack,
      the names of the projects will not collide with the GTK+-2.x ones,
      especially as GTK+-2.x and GTK+-3.x are done to co-exist on the same
      system.  This is due to the case that the MSVC projects are directly
      carried over from the GTK+-2.x ones and was then updated for 3.x.
      We still need to update the GUIDs of the projects, so that they won't
      conflict with the GTK+-2.x ones.
    • Chun-wei Fan's avatar
      build: Clean Up Visual Studio Project Generation · d836a52b
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      Use the common automake module from the previous commit in the
      Makefile.am's, which means that the Makefile.am's in gdk/ and gtk/ can be
      cleaned up as a result.  As a side effect, the property sheet that is used
      to "install" the build results and headers can now be generated in terms of
      the listing of headers to copy during 'make dist', where we can acquire
      most of the list of headers to "install", so that we can largely avoid the
      situation where the property sheet files are not updated in time for this,
      causing missing headers when this build of GTK+ is being used.
      Also use the Visual Studio Project file generation for the following
      So that the maintenace of these project files can be simplified as well.
  20. 26 Jul, 2015 1 commit
    • Peter Wu's avatar
      broadway: fix use-after-free on read errors · fffbe61c
      Peter Wu authored
      Call chain:
       - input_data_cb
         - broadway_server_read_all_input_nonblocking (input)
           - broadway_input_free (input)
             (now input is invalid)
           attempt to use input->active -> use-after-free
      Make broadway_server_read_all_input_nonblocking return a boolean, TRUE
      if the input was valid, FALSE otherwise. This allows input_data_cb to
      detect whether the input was gone or not.
  21. 01 Jul, 2015 2 commits
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  30. 25 Oct, 2014 1 commit
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      Broadway: Remove display assumptions · f733fa88
      Matthias Clasen authored
      In various places, the broadway backend was just using
      the default display and assumed that it is the broadway
      display. That may not be the case in a multi-backend world,
      so instead iterate over all displays and use the first
      broadway display - still not perfect, but enough to survive
      for now.
  31. 23 Oct, 2014 1 commit
  32. 06 Oct, 2014 1 commit
    • Benjamin Otte's avatar
      gdk: Deprecate static gravities · 5e467209
      Benjamin Otte authored
      ... and remove all implementations. The API allows to not work "if the
      server doesn't support it. So from now on, no server does!