1. 28 Nov, 2004 1 commit
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      Mark as const. · c50066b4
      Matthias Clasen authored
      2004-11-28  Matthias Clasen  <mclasen@redhat.com>
      	* gtk/gtkwidget.h (gtk_requisition_get_type):
      	* gtk/gtktypeutils.h (gtk_identifier_get_type):
      	* gtk/gtktexttag.h (gtk_text_attributes_get_type):
      	* gtk/gtkstyle.h (gtk_border_get_type):
      	* gtk/gtkfilesystemmodel.h (_gtk_file_system_model_get_type):
      	* gtk/gtkfilechooserentry.h (_gtk_file_chooser_entry_get_type):
      	* gtk/gtkfilechooserembed.h (_gtk_file_chooser_embed_get_type):
      	* gtk/gtkfilechooserdefault.h (_gtk_file_chooser_default_get_type):
      	* gtk/gtkaccelmap.h (gtk_accel_map_get_type): Mark as const.
      	* gtk/gtk.symbols:
      	* gtk/Makefile.am: Mark get_type() functions
      	generated by glib-mkenums as const.
  2. 09 Jul, 2004 1 commit
    • Federico Mena Quintero's avatar
      Fix #139290: · b3fbcef8
      Federico Mena Quintero authored
      2004-07-08  Federico Mena Quintero  <federico@ximian.com>
      	Fix #139290:
      	* gtk/gtkfilesystemmodel.c (_gtk_file_system_model_new): Add a
      	GError argument.  Do check for errors when getting the
      	GtkFileFolder:  get the folder and read the children before
      	actually creating the model.  Removed obsolete code that handled
      	roots-changed on the file system.
      	(file_model_node_get_info): Assert that we don't reach the old
      	case to display file system roots.
      	(roots_changed_callback): Removed.
      	* gtk/gtkfilechooserdefault.c (set_list_model): Add a GError
      	argument, and a boolean return value.  Return an error if we
      	cannot create the file system model.  On error, set a NULL model
      	on the tree.
      	(gtk_file_chooser_default_set_current_folder): Use the error value
      	from set_list_model().
      	(gtk_file_chooser_default_set_property): Set the show_hidden
      	property only if the browse_files_model exists.
      	(gtk_file_chooser_default_unselect_path): Only operate if the
      	browse_files_model exists.
      	(check_preview_change): Check whether we have the sort_model.
      	(change_folder_and_display_error): Copy the path we get passed
      	before using it.  There's a comment in there that explains why we
      	need to copy it; basically, if the passed path belongs to the
      	model, the model may go away in the middle of this function and
      	we'll be left with a dangling pointer.
      	(install_list_model_filter): Assert that the model is not NULL.
      	(set_current_filter): Check whether the model exists.
      	* gtk/gtktreeselection.c (gtk_tree_selection_get_selected): Don't
      	g_return_if_fail if the model is NULL.
      	(gtk_tree_selection_get_selected_rows): Likewise.
      	(gtk_tree_selection_count_selected_rows): Likewise.
      	(gtk_tree_selection_selected_foreach): Likewise.
      	(gtk_tree_selection_path_is_selected): Likewise; rather just
      	return FALSE.
      	(gtk_tree_selection_select_all): Likewise.
      	(gtk_tree_selection_unselect_all): Likewise.
      	(gtk_tree_selection_select_range): Do g_return_if_fail() if the
      	model is NULL.
      	(gtk_tree_selection_unselect_range): Likewise.
      	* gtk/gtkfilesystemunix.c (fill_in_names): Return immediately if
      	g_dir_open() fails:  there is no need to set the error ourselves,
      	as g_dir_open() already does it.
  3. 17 Jan, 2004 1 commit
    • Federico Mena Quintero's avatar
      Added a has_editable field. (_gtk_file_system_model_add_editable): New · 02cb4554
      Federico Mena Quintero authored
      2004-01-16  Federico Mena Quintero  <federico@ximian.com>
      	* gtk/gtkfilesystemmodel.c (struct _GtkFileSystemModel): Added a
      	has_editable field.
      	(_gtk_file_system_model_add_editable): New function.
      	(_gtk_file_system_model_remove_editable): New function.
      	(gtk_file_system_model_get_value): Return appropriate values for
      	the temporary editable row.
      	(_gtk_file_system_model_get_info): Handle the editable row.
      	(_gtk_file_system_model_get_path): Likewise.
      	* gtk/gtkfilechooserdefault.c (shortcuts_append_bookmarks):
      	Removed an unused variable.
      	(toolbar_button_new): Optionally show the button.
      	(up_button_clicked_cb): Renamed from up_button_cb(), fixed prototype.
      	(toolbar_create): Add a "New Folder" button for Save mode.
      	(error_building_filename_dialog): New helper function.
      	(gtk_file_chooser_default_get_paths): Use error_building_filename_dialog().
      	(create_file_list): Connect to the "edited" signal of the text
      	cell renderer.  Store the name column and text renderer in the
      	impl structure.
      	(renderer_edited_cb): New callback.
      	(gtk_file_chooser_default_set_property): Show/hide the "New
      	folder" button when the save action changes.
      	(COMPARE_DIRECTORIES): Allow the info values to be NULL.
      	(COMPARE_DIRECTORIES): Duh, use the list_model, not the
      	(get_list_file_info): Likewise!
      	(list_icon_data_func): Handle the path being NULL.
      	(new_folder_button_clicked): New callback.
      	(list_name_data_func): If we are on the editable row, set the text
      	to "Type name of new folder".
      	(list_selection_changed): Handle the editable row.
      	(list_mtime_data_func): Likewise.
      	* gtk/gtkfilesystemunix.c (gtk_file_system_unix_make_path): Return
      	NULL, not FALSE.
      	(gtk_file_system_unix_create_folder): Test the result of mkdir() correctly.
  4. 23 Jul, 2003 1 commit
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      File filter objects. · 733f4489
      Owen Taylor authored
      Wed Jul 23 11:23:43 2003  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
              * gtkfilefilter.[ch]: File filter objects.
              * gtkfilechooser.[ch] gtkfilechooserutils.[ch]: Add
              file filtering to API.
              * gtkfilechooserimpldefault.c: Implement file filters.
              * testfilechooser.c: Try out the filter functionality.
              * gtkfilesystemmodel.c: Add
              _gtk_file_system_model_set_filter() to set a callback
              function for filtering.
              * gtkfilechooserutils.c: Propagate property notification
              to the receiver.
              * fnmatch.c: Copy this from GTK+ temporarily to get
              UTF-8 pattern matching functionality.
  5. 16 Jul, 2003 1 commit
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      auto-ize. · 7e54248b
      Owen Taylor authored
      Wed Jul 16 16:50:31 2003  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
              * configure.ac Makefile.am: auto-ize.
              * xdgmime/: Add freedesktop.org MIME spec implementatin
              by Jonathan Blandford.
              * gtkfilesystem.[ch]: Add gtk_file_info_render_icon()
              gtk_file_info_set/get_icon_type to do icon handling
              based on MIME type. Add a simple icon caching system.
              * gtkfilesystemgnomevfs.c: Implement ensure_types()
              so that extending the set of types for a loaded
              directory works. Set the MIME type to get the default
              icon handling.
              * gtkfilesystemunix.c: Look up the MIME type using
              * gtkfilechooserimpldefault.c: Display icons in the list.
  6. 04 Apr, 2003 1 commit
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      Move interface definition into a private header so it can refer to · bc3fb55c
      Owen Taylor authored
      Fri Apr  4 17:30:27 2003  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
              * gtkfilechooserprivate.h gtkfilechooser.h: Move
              interface definition into a private header so it
              can refer to GtkFileSystem.
              * *.[ch]: Switch over from using gchar *uri internally
              to using GtkFilePath * internally, and add
              conversion routines to GtkFileSystem.
              * TODO README: Updates.
  7. 24 Mar, 2003 1 commit
  8. 21 Mar, 2003 1 commit