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      Finally really support rendering of cells in an unallocated context. · 487223d4
      Tristan Van Berkom authored
      What this means is basically that a vertically oriented GtkCellAreaBox
      will render cells properly even if the height is not constant for every
      for of data in the said GtkCellAreaContext (i.e. the height was not allocated
      by gtk_cell_area_context_allocate).
      This is done completely on the fly and so is much more heavy duty
      at render time (considerably slower but not visibly noticable in
      lightweight views like GtkTreeMenu). Note that cell alignments
      are not possible in an unallocated orientation, each row of data
      individually receives only enough space to render the independant
      row and no space is reserved for alignments if the size is not
      a constant size across rows in the same context.
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  7. 25 Nov, 2010 1 commit
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      Removed tons of api that we dont absolutely need in GtkCellAreaContext: · 5f7787ab
      Tristan Van Berkom authored
        - gtk_cell_area_context_get_height_for_width()
        - gtk_cell_area_context_get_width_for_height()
        - gtk_cell_area_context_push_height_for_width()
        - gtk_cell_area_context_push_width_for_height()
        - gtk_cell_area_context_flush_height_for_width()
        - gtk_cell_area_context_flush_width_for_height()
        - Contextual size changed signal
      All of these are not really important for the CellArea to operate
      and not of any real consequential value to the user (the user can
      accumulate the returned values from height-for-width requests
      and do as they please with it).
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