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      Bug 659022 - gtk_tree_model_filter_clear_cache_helper: assertion failed · bbc1e883
      Kristian Rietveld authored
      This bug is resolved by fixing two things in
        (1) It is possible for an elt to have elt->visible_siter == NULL, when
        it is deleted.  Only call g_sequence_remove() if this pointer is
        (2) For the case len (level->seq) > 1, free the elt->children level
        if non-NULL.  Failing to do this means the level will stick around.
        If this child level was not referenced, it will still have a zero
        ref count on its parent which cannot be removed!
      For both bugs unit tests have been added in the preceding commit.
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      Fix first part of bug 659022 · f646ed6f
      Kristian Rietveld authored
      Push creation of path into if clause, the path cannot be created anyway
      (and would be meaningless otherwise) if the parent is not visible.
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      gtktreemodelfilter: child levels of the root level must remain cached · 022327c4
      Kristian Rietveld authored
      This is due to the special handling for filter functions that depend
      on child level state.  If the parent level of a level is the root level,
      the level cannot be removed from the cache.  Any change in this level
      can cause its parent in the root level to become visible again.
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      gtktreemodelfilter: rework gtk_tree_model_filter_remove_elt_from_level · ae2b2e7c
      Kristian Rietveld authored
      The most important change is that the function now properly releases
      any external ref count and propagates these changes to the child model.
      If a node is removed due to a filtering action, we now properly release
      all external reference counts for its hierarchy of child nodes.
      Apart from that, the function has been restructured to remove code
      Finally, there is still some doubt whether there are more calls to
      gtk_tree_model_filter_free_level() which need unref_external set to TRUE.
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      gtktreemodelfilter: add a debug define and more assertions · 767b2e26
      Kristian Rietveld authored
      Should be helpful when debugging this thing.  Perhaps this needs to
      be properly integrated in G_DEBUG/GTK_DEBUG, but currently I do not see
      the need to.
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      gtktreemodelfilter: make rule used for level caching consistent · f317dd38
      Kristian Rietveld authored
      There was still a discrepancy between the comments and the code about when
      exactly a level was to be removed.  The rule is now set on that for a level
      to be removed its zero_ref_count as well as the zero_ref_count of its
      parent has to be zero.
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