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      build: Clean Up Visual Studio Project Generation · d836a52b
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      Use the common automake module from the previous commit in the
      Makefile.am's, which means that the Makefile.am's in gdk/ and gtk/ can be
      cleaned up as a result.  As a side effect, the property sheet that is used
      to "install" the build results and headers can now be generated in terms of
      the listing of headers to copy during 'make dist', where we can acquire
      most of the list of headers to "install", so that we can largely avoid the
      situation where the property sheet files are not updated in time for this,
      causing missing headers when this build of GTK+ is being used.
      Also use the Visual Studio Project file generation for the following
      So that the maintenace of these project files can be simplified as well.
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