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      GtkFileChooserEntry: regenerate the completions if the dir_part changes · 81059c35
      Federico Mena Quintero authored
      Consider this bug:
      1. Open a file chooser; switch it to $HOME
      2. Start typing "~/Dow" with some file that *does* exist in your $HOME
      3. Delete the inline-completion selection (e.g. the "nloads" after "~/Down").
      4. While you are at "~/Dow_" hit Tab.  No completion will occur.
      This happens because of the following.
      Say the GtkFileChooserEntry is in the process of loading $HOME,
      because _set_base_folder() was called.  If the entry contains no text,
      then the FULL_PATH_COLUMN of the file system model will be set to
      unprefixed filenames from $HOME, like
      Later we avoid reloading the folder if g_file_equal(old_folder, new_folder).
      However, the FULL_PATH_COLUMN gets populated in completion_store_set()
      out of the actual filenames that GIO returned, plus the chooser_entry->dir_part.
      If the user starts typing "~/Dow" then dir_part changes to "~/", *but*
      the folder won't be reloaded since it is also $HOME.  However, the completion
      machinery assumes that FULL_PATH_COLUMN will contain prefixed entries like
      So, we add an invariant that chooser_entry->dir_part and
      chooser_entry->current_folder_file must change at the same time, and
      must not get out of sync:  If any of them changes, then the
      completions are regenerated.
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      file chooser entry: Capture Escape and emit :hide-entry · 9b5e00b3
      Matthias Clasen authored
      Make the file chooser entry optionally capture Escape
      and emit a signal. Make the file chooser widget hide the
      entry on that signal and go back to the path bar.
      This gives us a two-level undo:
      location entry -> path bar -> dialog close.
      When the location entry is permanently displayed in the
      header for save mode, we still let the first Escape close
      the dialog.
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