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    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      textview: make magnifier size dependent on text size · 51e1e3b4
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      The magnifier is now set enough height to show the line being currently
      manipulated, which makes it just big enough to show the layout height at
      that size and magnification.
    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      textview: Implement friendlier touch selection · 025340bf
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      - It is not possible anymore to trigger text DnD through touch, pressing
        and dragging from within the selection will instead extend it. Text
        shrinking is still available through the handles
      - The selection mode for touch is per-word, char-level manipulation is
        still available through the handles.
      - Tapping within the selection will bring in text handles, and toggle
        text selection popover.
    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      textview: Make "extend selection" only extend · 8c091d14
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      This mode could also shrink the selection, plus the starting point would
      seem somewhat arbitrary (actually dependent on the dragging direction of
      the last selection).
      Made this mode more consistent by only allowing it to extend the selection,
      only in one direction for each operation, and so it keeps the current
      selection as a minimum.
    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      textview: Pass a boolean telling whether a selection drag should extend · a2e71203
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      Instead of passing a GdkEvent and let the function figure out whether the
      selection should be extended, let that to the caller and just pass a
      boolean here.
    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      textview: Show magnifier on top of current line · ccdebb6a
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      The X coordinate is dependent on touch position, but Y is stepped.
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    • Benjamin Otte's avatar
      stylecontext: Deprecate functions · 91467a45
      Benjamin Otte authored
      - gtk_style_context_get_background_color()
      - gtk_style_context_get_border_color()
      Those functions shouldn't be used anymore, because they don't represent
      anything from the CSS styling we support. The background color often
      isn't used due to background images and there are actually 4 different
      border colors (1 for each side) - if there isn't also a border image in
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    • Alexander Larsson's avatar
      textview: Add draw_layer vfunc · 5b53eb28
      Alexander Larsson authored
      This allows subclasses to render things below and above the text
      in the text view. This allows e.g. GtkSourceView to highlight the
      cursor row and to render overlays for colum 80. This used to be done
      by rendering before/after chaining up to the parent, but that doesn't
      work anymore since the view now renders a background, and due to the
      use of the pixel cache.
    • Alexander Larsson's avatar
      Revert "GtkTextView: Fix regression in GtkSourceView drawing" · 4fe051bb
      Alexander Larsson authored
      This reverts commit 1ac13435.
      We want to instead replace this with special vfunc for drawing
      below/above the main text so that gtksourceview can use it.
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    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      Add a 'touchscreen' debug flag · 34245515
      Matthias Clasen authored
      This has the same effect as the GTK_TEST_TOUCHSCREEN environment
      variable, but can be toggled at runtime.
    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      textview: Call gtk_widget_size_allocate() on children widgets invariably · 7178e342
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      There was this hack, taken verbatim from GtkCList according to the comment,
      that would recursively translate the allocation during scrolling, and set
      it on children widgets through the direct gtk_widget_set_allocation() setter.
      Since commit 4f89eb05, this has caused the wrong clipping areas to children
      widgets of a textview. The reasons for this seem lost in time, and the approach
      seems indeed wrong for windowed widgets as the repositioning of those windows
      couldn't happen.
      So replace all of this with just a gtk_widget_size_allocate() call, which does
      work ok for the children widgets embedded in the "multiple views" gtk demo, and
      ought to work for every other widget.
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