1. 09 Jan, 2012 6 commits
  2. 08 Jan, 2012 3 commits
  3. 06 Jan, 2012 4 commits
  4. 05 Jan, 2012 2 commits
  5. 03 Jan, 2012 2 commits
  6. 30 Dec, 2011 1 commit
    • Chun-wei Fan's avatar
      Update gdk/gdkconfig.h.win32 · bdb98fdf
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      Apparently the deprecation warning macros are placed into gdkconfig.h
      during the configure stage, so put these in the pre-configured
      gdkconfig.h.win32 as well, as their definitions are needed for all builds.
  7. 28 Dec, 2011 2 commits
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      Fix problems with sticky handling · 01320e57
      Matthias Clasen authored
      Reading a card32 property into a long may lead to undefined high
      bits, so mask them off. Also, make the conditions for setting and
      unsetting the stick flag opposites, to avoid unintended changes.
      Patch by John Lindgren, bug 666842
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      Update various EWMH interactions · 19b47b93
      Matthias Clasen authored
      The current EWMH has added 'source indication' fields to a number
      of client messages. Set these to 1 to indicate a regular client.
      Also fill the button field of _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE.
  8. 22 Dec, 2011 3 commits
  9. 19 Dec, 2011 7 commits
    • Xan Lopez's avatar
      gdkwindow: plug memory leak · 2d70d8fa
      Xan Lopez authored
      ==23282== 64 bytes in 2 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 8,069 of 13,389
      ==23282==    at 0x4A074CD: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:236)
      ==23282==    by 0x39A1C3E2EA: cairo_region_create (cairo-region.c:196)
      ==23282==    by 0x6D9AF3D: recompute_visible_regions_internal (gdkwindow.c:964)
      ==23282==    by 0x6D9B4B8: recompute_visible_regions (gdkwindow.c:1126)
      ==23282==    by 0x6DA3450: gdk_window_hide (gdkwindow.c:5689)
      ==23282==    by 0x6D9CED9: _gdk_window_destroy_hierarchy (gdkwindow.c:2042)
      ==23282==    by 0x6D9D040: gdk_window_destroy (gdkwindow.c:2109)
      ==23282==    by 0x655B5E4: gtk_entry_unrealize (gtkentry.c:3012)
      ==23282==    by 0x7068BF3: g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID (gmarshal.c:85)
      ==23282==    by 0x706710B: g_type_class_meta_marshal (gclosure.c:885)
      ==23282==    by 0x7066DF9: g_closure_invoke (gclosure.c:774)
      ==23282==    by 0x7080585: signal_emit_unlocked_R (gsignal.c:3340)
      ==23282==    by 0x707F619: g_signal_emit_valist (gsignal.c:3033)
      ==23282==    by 0x707FB71: g_signal_emit (gsignal.c:3090)
      ==23282==    by 0x679E243: gtk_widget_unrealize (gtkwidget.c:4458)
      ==23282==    by 0x64E83C7: gtk_bin_forall (gtkbin.c:172)
      ==23282==    by 0x6548BBD: gtk_container_forall (gtkcontainer.c:2014)
      ==23282==    by 0x67A966D: gtk_widget_real_unrealize (gtkwidget.c:10253)
      ==23282==    by 0x672D002: gtk_tool_item_unrealize (gtktoolitem.c:474)
      ==23282==    by 0x7068BF3: g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID (gmarshal.c:85)
    • Allison Karlitskaya's avatar
      GtkSettings: add shell-shows-menubar property · ecfdb834
      Allison Karlitskaya authored
      Unity will set this to tell us that it is going to handle displaying the
    • Colin Walters's avatar
    • Allison Karlitskaya's avatar
      GtkSettings: add shell-shows-app-menu property · f826dd54
      Allison Karlitskaya authored
      This is a boolean property that will be set to TRUE if the current
      desktop environment is capable of displaying the application menu as
      part of the desktop shell.
      If it is FALSE then the application will need to display the menu for
    • Colin Walters's avatar
      x11: Add gdk_x11_window_set_utf8_property · ff38dda9
      Colin Walters authored
      A convenience function to manipulate UTF-8 X11 properties; no point
      in wrapping each one in individual setters.
    • Benjamin Otte's avatar
      x11: Avoid spurious focus events on grabs · db4a6040
      Benjamin Otte authored
      We want to avoid handling focus events for the private focus window,
      otherwise the keyboard grab taken by for example buttons will cause a
      spurious FOCUS_OUT/FOCUS_IN on the toplevel.
      The code that did this seems to have been lost in the XI2 transition for
    • Benjamin Otte's avatar
      x11: Unify focus handling code · 2ea328df
      Benjamin Otte authored
      This code was essentially copy-pasted in two locations, so unify them in
      the same place.
  10. 18 Dec, 2011 3 commits
  11. 16 Dec, 2011 4 commits
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  13. 14 Dec, 2011 2 commits