Commit fe220402 authored by Daniel Boles's avatar Daniel Boles

Window: Mention GtkHeaderBar in set_titlebar() doc

This is the typical thing passed here and what most users want, so we
should mention it here, rather than requiring users to figure it out.
parent e75d91e7
......@@ -4173,6 +4173,9 @@ on_titlebar_title_notify (GtkHeaderBar *titlebar,
* Sets a custom titlebar for @window.
* A typical widget used here is #GtkHeaderBar, as it provides various features
* expected of a titlebar while allowing the addition of child widgets to it.
* If you set a custom titlebar, GTK+ will do its best to convince
* the window manager not to put its own titlebar on the window.
* Depending on the system, this function may not work for a window
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