Commit fb2fa834 authored by Marek Kašík's avatar Marek Kašík
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printing: Don't show Rejecting Jobs when we don't know

Set reasonable default values for printers discovered
by Avahi which do not have 'printer-type' attribute.
This is the case for network printers which were not
published by CUPS.

Related to the issue #1509.
parent 5df57168
......@@ -2913,6 +2913,9 @@ create_cups_printer_from_avahi_data (AvahiConnectionTestData *data)
info->avahi_printer = TRUE;
info->printer_name = data->printer_name;
info->printer_uri = data->printer_uri;
info->default_printer = FALSE;
info->remote_printer = TRUE;
info->is_accepting_jobs = TRUE;
if (data->got_printer_state)
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