Commit fadca187 authored by Paolo Borelli's avatar Paolo Borelli

Remove stipple attributes

GtkTextView does not support them anymore.
parent 12c4730e
......@@ -698,9 +698,6 @@ gail_text_view_get_default_attributes (AtkText *text)
attrib_set = add_text_attribute (attrib_set, ATK_TEXT_ATTR_INVISIBLE, text_attrs->invisible);
attrib_set = add_text_attribute (attrib_set, ATK_TEXT_ATTR_BG_FULL_HEIGHT, text_attrs->bg_full_height);
attrib_set = gail_misc_add_attribute (attrib_set, ATK_TEXT_ATTR_FG_STIPPLE, NULL);
attrib_set = gail_misc_add_attribute (attrib_set, ATK_TEXT_ATTR_BG_STIPPLE, NULL);
attrib_set = add_text_attribute (attrib_set, ATK_TEXT_ATTR_STRIKETHROUGH,
attrib_set = add_text_attribute (attrib_set, ATK_TEXT_ATTR_UNDERLINE,
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