Commit f29841a0 authored by Marek Kašík's avatar Marek Kašík

printing: Show correct status of a job

"job-state" is IPP_TAG_ENUM not IPP_TAG_INTEGER.
parent ca27a7de
......@@ -1655,7 +1655,7 @@ cups_request_job_info_cb (GtkPrintBackendCups *print_backend,
state = 0;
#ifdef HAVE_CUPS_API_1_6
attr = ippFindAttribute (response, "job-state", IPP_TAG_INTEGER);
attr = ippFindAttribute (response, "job-state", IPP_TAG_ENUM);
state = ippGetInteger (attr, 0);
for (attr = response->attrs; attr != NULL; attr = attr->next)
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