Commit e8c5bc8d authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

accel label: Remove unneeded spaces

Having these extra spaces in the accel string is a bit awkward,
since they will be included in text decorations such as underlines.
Removing them has no visible effect.
parent 6838861d
......@@ -962,12 +962,10 @@ gtk_accel_label_refetch (GtkAccelLabel *accel_label)
if (have_accel)
GtkAccelLabelClass *klass;
gchar *tmp;
klass = GTK_ACCEL_LABEL_GET_CLASS (accel_label);
tmp = _gtk_accel_label_class_get_accelerator_label (klass, accel_key, accel_mods);
accel_label->priv->accel_string = g_strconcat (" ", tmp, NULL);
g_free (tmp);
accel_label->priv->accel_string =
_gtk_accel_label_class_get_accelerator_label (klass, accel_key, accel_mods);
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