Commit e79842ce authored by Alberto Ruiz's avatar Alberto Ruiz Committed by Matthias Clasen

GtkFontChooser: get_font_name did not return the font size

parent d33088a8
......@@ -1045,14 +1045,20 @@ gchar *
gtk_font_chooser_get_font_name (GtkFontChooser *fontchooser)
gchar *font_name;
gchar *font_desc_name;
PangoFontDescription *desc;
if (!fontchooser->priv->face)
return NULL;
desc = pango_font_face_describe (fontchooser->priv->face);
font_name = pango_font_description_to_string (desc);
font_desc_name = pango_font_description_to_string (desc);
pango_font_description_free (desc);
font_name = g_strdup_printf ("%s %d", font_desc_name, fontchooser->priv->size / PANGO_SCALE);
g_free (font_desc_name);
return font_name;
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