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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.0.0
* Bugs fixed:
632775 Back / Forward button's icons don't respect RTL settings
639846 GdkEventScroll events are sent twice
639945 Gtk.Widget does not have drag_* methods (but in pygtk it did)
640801 Crash gtk_tree_view_reset_header_styles at gtktreeview.c:11871
641196 Fix another GtkFixed regression, in gtk_fixed_forall()
641302 show something nicer than XF86AudioMute etc
641367 [region] gnome-applications ignore layout switching
641409 not chaining up in ::style-updated
641429 Errors creating a GtkWidget without a display
641431 Apply button goes grey after two mode switching
641517 "Migrating from libunique to GtkApplication" examples do not do...
641558 GtkCssProvider leaks path string
641621 Use faster new G_VALUE_COLLECT_INIT variant instead...
641640 Update autotools configuration
* Translation updates:
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.99.3
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