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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.3.4
* The beagle search backend has been dropped
* Stop using GDK/GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED guards for deprecated
functions; instead use function attributes
* Make GtkCellRendererAccel support naked keyvals, so it can
be used in gnome-control-center
* GDK changes
- Make the Mod1 == Alt assumption official
- The Broadway backend has initial support for V7+ websockets
* GtkApplication no longer uses gtk_main internally
* GtkNotebook now destroys its action widgets, instead of leaking them
* Theming improvements:
- Background images can now be tiled instead of stretched,
using the background-repeat CSS property
- Unfocused windows can be themed differently, using
the 'window-unfocused' state flag
* Accessibility improvements:
- Much better treeview performance
- Completely ignore invisible columns in treeviews
- Combo box keybindings are reported again
- Textview respects display lines again
* OS X improvements:
- Improved handling of motion events and event state
- Handle recursive CFRunLoops
- More fixes to accel handling
* Win32 improvements:
- Many fixes, making this the first version of GTK+ 3 that
works well on Windows
* Bugs fixed:
84314 gdk_display_sync() and gdk_flush()
142874 use of SetWindowLong in gdkwindow-win32.c causes incorrect...
169811 configure_event and window-state-event are not emitted con...
171456 "Keep Above" option in Gimp broken on Win32
324254 Realizing a top-level window widget early positions it at 0,0
516822 gtk_window_fullscreen does not resize correctly if removing...
542777 Scroll-Wheel doesn't scroll (Win)
552041 Windows' System Menu from taskbar is buggy
603559 gtk should handle missing immodules better
604156 gtk_window_set_modal() freezes application completely
606727 Can't bind keys on numerical keypad with numlock on
612359 Dialog positioning hints fail on Windows 7
616544 win32 drag and drop (DnD) broken for GTK+ 3
628049 Native windows don't work very well
631384 Images pasted from clipboard are shifted/wrapped
647460 typo in msw_style.c?
652239 win32: resurect Windows clipboard selection notification
658841 Ensure native window in gdk_win32_drawable_get_handle()...
658842 Fix win32 _gdk_windowing_window_at_pointer - port to gtk3
659151 Cannot obtain accessible keybinding for comboboxes
659257 Gtk-WARNING **: GtkRecentChooserWidget 0x80da890 is mapped...
661858 Add annotations for some GtkRadio* constructors
661859 Add annotations for some GtkSymbolicColor constructors
661997 Gtk crashes when changing the TreeView model while rubber...
662160 gtk_print_operation_cancel fails
662628 Add keyboard brightness to keyname-table.h
662670 Pressing "Enter" in print dialog box will not cause printing
662691 menuitem: Always treat submenus as popup
662755 Keycode support in GtkCellRendererAccel broken
662839 Fix XIGrabKeycode usage
662870 Fix introspection annotations for GtkRadioToolButton
662953 x11: Fix window manager change detection
663073 gtk_dialog_new_with_buttons should be G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED
663138 iconview: layout items immediately when setting a GtkTreeModel
663182 Dragging any item on OS X crashes Banshee
663345 'from gi.repository import Gtk' fails in jhbuild
663396 With multiple master devices, right clicking may show popup...
663522 css: start background-repeat
663605 Fix event->state of many event types on quartz
663694 GtkTreeViewAccessibleCellInfo are leaked
663761 gtk: Fix GtkCellRenderer ignoring keycodes
663825 calling gtk_progress_bar_set_fraction with a fraction > 1.0...
663856 Make option-foo accelerators use the right symbol
663994 GtkTextView no longer reports the correct line text to ATs...
664021 GtkSpinButton: Clarify clamping behavior in gtk_spin_button...
664027 Build fails with undefined reference to `gdk_keymap_get_mod...
664132 gdk_cairo_region_create_from_surface broken on PPC...
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.3.2
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