Commit e057cb8b authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Drop some unnecessary variables

parent 434b3e10
......@@ -413,10 +413,6 @@ _gtk_button_box_child_requisition (GtkWidget *widget,
GtkRequisition child_requisition;
gint ipad_w;
gint ipad_h;
gint width_default;
gint height_default;
gint ipad_x_default;
gint ipad_y_default;
gint child_min_width;
gint child_min_height;
gint ipad_x;
......@@ -428,17 +424,12 @@ _gtk_button_box_child_requisition (GtkWidget *widget,
priv = bbox->priv;
gtk_widget_style_get (widget,
"child-min-width", &width_default,
"child-min-height", &height_default,
"child-internal-pad-x", &ipad_x_default,
"child-internal-pad-y", &ipad_y_default,
"child-min-width", &child_min_width,
"child-min-height", &child_min_height,
"child-internal-pad-x", &ipad_x,
"child-internal-pad-y", &ipad_y,
child_min_width = width_default;
child_min_height = height_default;
ipad_x = ipad_x_default;
ipad_y = ipad_y_default;
nchildren = 0;
nsecondaries = 0;
list = children = _gtk_box_get_children (GTK_BOX (bbox));
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