Commit dffc96a2 authored by Javier Jardón's avatar Javier Jardón Use AC_PREPROC_IFELSE instead deprecated AC_TRY_CPP

parent efeade2a
......@@ -727,7 +727,8 @@ fi
# Check for uxtheme.h (for MS-Windows Engine)
AC_MSG_CHECKING(for uxtheme.h)
AC_TRY_CPP([#include <uxtheme.h>], gtk_uxtheme_h=yes, gtk_uxtheme_h=no)
AC_PREPROC_IFELSE([AC_LANG_SOURCE([[#include <uxtheme.h>]])],
[gtk_uxtheme_h=yes], [gtk_uxtheme_h=no])
if test $gtk_uxtheme_h = yes; then
AC_DEFINE(HAVE_UXTHEME_H, 1, [Have uxtheme.h include file])
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