Commit defdfde9 authored by Alex Corrado's avatar Alex Corrado Committed by John Ralls

Quartz, Bug 655057: Eliminate Compiler Warning

When compiled with older SDKs, the original change for this bug caused a
compiler warning about NSWindow not being able to handle a setStyleMask
message. This tricks the compiler into thinking that it can.
parent a35d8764
......@@ -2530,9 +2530,17 @@ gdk_quartz_window_get_frame_extents (GdkWindow *window,
rect->height = ns_rect.size.height;
/* Fake protocol to make gcc think that it's OK to call setStyleMask
even if it isn't. We check to make sure before actually calling
it. */
@protocol CanSetStyleMask
- (void)setStyleMask:(int)mask;
static void
gdk_quartz_window_set_decorations (GdkWindow *window,
GdkWMDecoration decorations)
GdkWMDecoration decorations)
GdkWindowImplQuartz *impl;
NSUInteger old_mask, new_mask;
......@@ -2589,7 +2597,7 @@ gdk_quartz_window_set_decorations (GdkWindow *window,
if ([impl->toplevel respondsToSelector:@selector(setStyleMask:)])
[impl->toplevel setStyleMask:new_mask];
[(id<CanSetStyleMask>)impl->toplevel setStyleMask:new_mask];
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