Commit dbee6e1b authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera

GtkSearchBar: Don't show a close button by default

And mention in which cases we should show one in the documentation.
parent 7f9f3aad
......@@ -398,7 +398,7 @@ gtk_search_bar_class_init (GtkSearchBarClass *klass)
widget_props[PROP_SHOW_CLOSE_BUTTON] = g_param_spec_boolean ("show-close-button",
P_("Show Close Button"),
P_("Whether to show the close button in the toolbar"),
g_object_class_install_properties (object_class, LAST_PROPERTY, widget_props);
......@@ -540,7 +540,10 @@ gtk_search_bar_get_show_close_button (GtkSearchBar *bar)
* @bar: a #GtkSearchBar
* @visible: whether the close button will be shown or not
* Shows or hides the close button.
* Shows or hides the close button. Applications that
* already have a "search" toggle button should not show a close
* button in their search bar, as it duplicates the role of the
* toggle button.
* Since: 3.10
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