Commit db84dc8e authored by John Ralls's avatar John Ralls

Fix crash when closing a fullscreen window.

parent e74622b0
......@@ -727,6 +727,9 @@
-(void)setFrame: (NSRect)frame
if (GDK_WINDOW_DESTROYED (gdk_window))
[super setFrame: frame];
if ([self window])
......@@ -2730,6 +2730,9 @@ _gdk_quartz_window_update_fullscreen_state (GdkWindow *window)
gboolean is_fullscreen;
gboolean was_fullscreen;
is_fullscreen = window_is_fullscreen (window);
was_fullscreen = (gdk_window_get_state (window) & GDK_WINDOW_STATE_FULLSCREEN) != 0;
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