Commit d6840ad3 authored by Martin Blanchard's avatar Martin Blanchard

menu: Fix accel-group property reset

GtkMenu's "accel-group" property setter, gtk_menu_set_accel_group(),
currently returns in failure if the caller passes it a NULL `accel_group`
argument. This argument is annotated with `(allow-none)`. This patch
add support for the NULL case.
parent e5b83f1a
......@@ -2681,7 +2681,7 @@ gtk_menu_set_accel_group (GtkMenu *menu,
GtkMenuPrivate *priv;
g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_MENU (menu));
g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_ACCEL_GROUP (accel_group));
g_return_if_fail (!accel_group || GTK_IS_ACCEL_GROUP (accel_group));
priv = menu->priv;
......@@ -2822,7 +2822,7 @@ _gtk_menu_refresh_accel_paths (GtkMenu *menu,
GtkMenuPrivate *priv = menu->priv;
if (priv->accel_path && priv->accel_group)
if (priv->accel_path)
AccelPropagation prop;
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