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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.0.1
* A autoconf macro, GTK_CHECK_BACKEND, has been added
to allow easy checking for certain gdk backends
* A number of memory leaks and segfaults involving accessibility
have been fixed
* Bugs fixed:
586201 GtkLinkButton doesn't implement neither HyperLink nor...
599907 Gail implementation of atk_add_key_event_listener return...
626730 Check menu item does not set indeterminate state
630971 gailstatusbar attempts to cast a GtkHBox to a GtkBin
633291 Handle Shift-keys in X11 gdk_test_simulate_key()
642213 gtk_widget_render_icon_pixbuf fails with non-standard...
642263 undefined reference to "GTK_IS_SOCKET" and "GTK_IS_PLUG"
642541 Missing semi-colon in gtkseparatormenuitem.c
642677 "migrating" guide not in sync with GTK+ 3.0
642681 gtk_combo_box_text_get_active_text doesn't work as stated
642751 Typo in migrating-2to3.xml
642771 Fix tiny leak in tracker backend
642772 GTK does not correctly process input sent via SendInput...
642778 TextView broken for large files
642782 gail_misc_buffer_get_run_attributes doesn't set background-gdk...
642791 Fix a typo in gtk_socket_notify
* Translation updates:
Bengali India
British English
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.0.0
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