Commit cdec2caa authored by Kristian Rietveld's avatar Kristian Rietveld

Send a motion-notify when a (new) main window became active

This motion-notify even will make sure that things like highlights are
set up correctly now that the window has become active.
parent 3bcf8b39
......@@ -747,13 +747,76 @@ _gdk_quartz_window_find_child (GdkWindow *window,
return NULL;
static void
generate_motion_event (GdkWindow *window)
NSPoint point;
NSPoint screen_point;
NSWindow *nswindow;
GdkQuartzView *view;
GdkWindowObject *private;
GdkEvent *event;
gint x, y, x_root, y_root;
gdouble xx, yy;
GList *node;
GdkWindow *pointer_window;
event = gdk_event_new (GDK_MOTION_NOTIFY);
event->any.window = NULL;
event->any.send_event = TRUE;
private = (GdkWindowObject *)window;
nswindow = ((GdkWindowImplQuartz *)private->impl)->toplevel;
view = (GdkQuartzView *)[nswindow contentView];
screen_point = [NSEvent mouseLocation];
x_root = screen_point.x;
y_root = _gdk_quartz_window_get_inverted_screen_y (screen_point.y);
point = [nswindow convertScreenToBase:screen_point];
x = point.x;
y = private->height - point.y;
pointer_window = _gdk_window_find_descendant_at (window, x, y,
&xx, &yy);
event->any.type = GDK_MOTION_NOTIFY;
event->motion.window = window;
event->motion.time = GDK_CURRENT_TIME;
event->motion.x = x;
event->motion.y = y;
event->motion.x_root = x_root;
event->motion.y_root = y_root;
/* FIXME event->axes */
event->motion.state = 0;
event->motion.is_hint = FALSE;
event->motion.device = _gdk_display->core_pointer;
if (event->any.window)
g_object_ref (event->any.window);
node = _gdk_event_queue_append (gdk_display_get_default (), event);
_gdk_windowing_got_event (gdk_display_get_default (), node, event, 0);
_gdk_quartz_window_did_become_main (GdkWindow *window)
main_window_stack = g_slist_remove (main_window_stack, window);
if (GDK_WINDOW_OBJECT (window)->window_type != GDK_WINDOW_TEMP)
main_window_stack = g_slist_prepend (main_window_stack, window);
main_window_stack = g_slist_prepend (main_window_stack, window);
/* We just became the active window, send a motion-notify
* event so things like highlights get set up correctly.
* This motion-notify is sent to the key window.
generate_motion_event (window);
clear_toplevel_order ();
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