Commit ccf7867c authored by Claudio Saavedra's avatar Claudio Saavedra

GtkNotebook: fix one child-notify emission

Forgot to increase the counter in the for loop, doing it now.
parent bf89bc62
......@@ -8039,7 +8039,7 @@ gtk_notebook_reorder_child (GtkNotebook *notebook,
/* Move around the menu items if necessary */
gtk_notebook_child_reordered (notebook, page);
for (list = priv->children, i = 0; list; list = list->next)
for (list = priv->children, i = 0; list; list = list->next, i++)
if (MIN (old_pos, position) <= i && i <= MAX (old_pos, position))
gtk_widget_child_notify (((GtkNotebookPage *) list->data)->child, "position");
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