Commit cc3c7370 authored by Christian Persch's avatar Christian Persch

infobar: Fix visibility when enable-animations=false

When enable-animations is false, the revealer's child-revealed property is
notified immediately, so make sure to connect to it before toggling the
parent 142d3f1d
......@@ -404,9 +404,9 @@ gtk_info_bar_hide (GtkWidget *widget)
GtkInfoBarPrivate *priv = GTK_INFO_BAR (widget)->priv;
gtk_revealer_set_reveal_child (GTK_REVEALER (priv->revealer), FALSE);
g_signal_connect_object (priv->revealer, "notify::child-revealed",
G_CALLBACK (child_revealed), widget, 0);
gtk_revealer_set_reveal_child (GTK_REVEALER (priv->revealer), FALSE);
static void
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