Commit c53bed3b authored by Timm Bäder's avatar Timm Bäder 👎

GtkFileChooserButton: Don't update icon/label so often

They were updated in style-changed, causing the label to get set to
(None), then to the actual file name again a frame later, both of the
updates cause the GtkFileChooserButton to resize, possibly to the
minimal width, causing the layout to jump. Fix this by only updating
icon/label in style-updated when the icon theme actually changed, which
is the only case we care about here.
parent 29025855
......@@ -55,7 +55,8 @@
#include "gtktypebuiltins.h"
#include "gtkprivate.h"
#include "gtksettings.h"
#include "gtkstylecontextprivate.h"
#include "gtkbitmaskprivate.h"
* SECTION:gtkfilechooserbutton
......@@ -1473,7 +1474,14 @@ gtk_file_chooser_button_style_updated (GtkWidget *widget)
GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (gtk_file_chooser_button_parent_class)->style_updated (widget);
if (gtk_widget_has_screen (widget))
change_icon_theme (GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_BUTTON (widget));
/* We need to update the icon surface, but only in case
* the icon theme really changed. */
GtkStyleContext *context = gtk_widget_get_style_context (widget);
const GtkBitmask *changes = _gtk_style_context_get_changes (context);
if (!changes || _gtk_bitmask_get (changes, GTK_CSS_PROPERTY_ICON_THEME))
change_icon_theme (GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_BUTTON (widget));
static void
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