Commit bd4b3091 authored by Felix Riemann's avatar Felix Riemann

shortcuts: Show icons and subtitles for gestures in search results
parent 2dd8d1ad
......@@ -182,7 +182,12 @@ gtk_shortcuts_window_add_search_item (GtkWidget *child, gpointer data)
gchar *accelerator = NULL;
gchar *title = NULL;
gchar *hash_key = NULL;
GIcon *icon = NULL;
gboolean icon_set = FALSE;
gboolean subtitle_set = FALSE;
GtkTextDirection direction;
GtkShortcutType shortcut_type;
gchar *subtitle;
gchar *str;
gchar *keywords;
......@@ -192,6 +197,9 @@ gtk_shortcuts_window_add_search_item (GtkWidget *child, gpointer data)
"accelerator", &accelerator,
"title", &title,
"direction", &direction,
"icon-set", &icon_set,
"subtitle-set", &subtitle_set,
"shortcut-type", &shortcut_type,
hash_key = g_strdup_printf ("%s-%s", title, accelerator);
......@@ -209,10 +217,22 @@ gtk_shortcuts_window_add_search_item (GtkWidget *child, gpointer data)
"accelerator", accelerator,
"title", title,
"direction", direction,
"shortcut-type", shortcut_type,
"accel-size-group", priv->search_image_group,
"title-size-group", priv->search_text_group,
if (icon_set)
g_object_get (child, "icon", &icon, NULL);
g_object_set (item, "icon", icon, NULL);
g_clear_object (&icon);
if (subtitle_set)
g_object_get (child, "subtitle", &subtitle, NULL);
g_object_set (item, "subtitle", subtitle, NULL);
g_free (subtitle);
str = g_strdup_printf ("%s %s", accelerator, title);
keywords = g_utf8_strdown (str, -1);
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