Commit bd456ac6 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

font button: Add an element name

Give this GtkButton subclass element name button and style class .font.
parent 85d971b4
......@@ -55,6 +55,10 @@
* The #GtkFontButton is a button which displays the currently selected
* font an allows to open a font chooser dialog to change the font.
* It is suitable widget for selecting a font in a preference dialog.
* # CSS nodes
* GtkFontButton has a single CSS node with name button and style class .font.
......@@ -582,11 +586,15 @@ gtk_font_button_class_init (GtkFontButtonClass *klass)
gtk_widget_class_bind_template_child_private (widget_class, GtkFontButton, font_label);
gtk_widget_class_bind_template_child_private (widget_class, GtkFontButton, size_label);
gtk_widget_class_bind_template_child_private (widget_class, GtkFontButton, font_size_box);
gtk_widget_class_set_css_name (widget_class, "button");
static void
gtk_font_button_init (GtkFontButton *font_button)
GtkStyleContext *context;
font_button->priv = gtk_font_button_get_instance_private (font_button);
/* Initialize fields */
......@@ -604,6 +612,9 @@ gtk_font_button_init (GtkFontButton *font_button)
gtk_widget_init_template (GTK_WIDGET (font_button));
gtk_font_button_take_font_desc (font_button, NULL);
context = gtk_widget_get_style_context (GTK_WIDGET (font_button));
gtk_style_context_add_class (context, "font");
static void
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