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Update for 3.1.6

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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.1.6
* GtkOverlay is a new container that allows to place one or more
'overlay' widgets on top of another widget. This can be used
for 'floating statusbars' and similar interfaces.
* GtkLockButton has been simplified in appearance to look like
a normal button
* GtkNotebook now supports height-for-width layout
* Accessibility for menuitems and combo boxes has been restored
* The horizontal and vertical subclasses of GtkBox, GtkPaned,
GtkSeparator, GtkScrollbar, GtkScale and GtkButtonBox have
been deprecated
* The print dialog can now display color profile information
* Many enhancements and fixes to CSS theming
- The CSS parser has been rewritten with the goal of better
CSS compliance and improved error handling
- A testsuite for the parser has been added
- Attributes can be inherited from parent widgets
- Shorthand properties are supported
- Color and font attributes are now inherited
- Borders and padding are now handled much more consistently,
and border-radius support is more complete
- text-shadow, box-shadow and icon-shadow attributes are now
- nth-child works for boxes
* Bug fixes:
353712 allow reducing selection in GtkLabel
576492 GtkBuilder does not respect G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT properties
624539 Keep track of last focused window
634491 gtk_tree_path_append_index() is linear in the number of indices
634994 Explicitly declare internal reserved bits in GdkModifierType
641087 Wish: GtkApplication::window-added signal
642768 Make tracker search backend a bit less verbose
642773 Make file search non-case sensitive
642929 GtkFileChooserDialog with GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_CREATE_...
644906 gtkimcontextime.c: NULL pointer reference
646859 GtkCssProvider.load_from_data introspection
649314 Add support for the text-shadow property
649779 Add missing gtk_widget_override_* annotations
649972 Crash when loading an ui file with an empty GtkGrid
649979 Argument count TypeError from Gtk.TreeView.enable_model_drag_...
650012 GtkAppChooser* documentation does not document the content_type
650110 Add sanity check in GtkEntryCompletion
650114 gtk_entry_set_completion does not destroy idle source
650167 Unused variable in GtkEditable example code
650202 Optimization in theme_subdir_load (gtkicontheme.c)
650302 Combo box menu items should expose their displayed text
650382 GtkButton uses wrong values in grab
650418 menu: don't use the border as a padding value
650420 all: avoid boxed structs copying where possible
650424 treeview: theming-related fixes
650530 GtkAssistant beautification patches
650664 gtkstatusbar: gtk_misc_set_alignment () function replacement
651194 Should support border-image as a shorthand property
651706 gdk: Update keysyms list from latest headers
651707 Move private functions to private headers
651734 GtkLockButton: symbolic icon is fuzzy
651979 can not work with the newest gdkkeysyms.h...
652045 file open dialog refuses to open or complete non-local files
652102 Issues when redrawing multiple GdkWindows
652103 Add a GtkPrinterOptionWidget type of label to just show info...
652282 build: fix win32 configure checks
* Updated translations
Catalan (Valencian)
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.1.4
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