Commit b5cc0d8f authored by Daniel Boles's avatar Daniel Boles

Menu: Document/annotate nullability of 2 API args

.set_accel_path(): Use (nullable) instead of (allow-none), and explain
                   what a NULL means (albeit very briefly)

.set_title(): Annotate @title as (nullable), and explain NULL’s meaning
parent a53bdcd2
......@@ -2726,7 +2726,7 @@ gtk_menu_real_can_activate_accel (GtkWidget *widget,
* gtk_menu_set_accel_path:
* @menu: a valid #GtkMenu
* @accel_path: (allow-none): a valid accelerator path
* @accel_path: (nullable): a valid accelerator path, or %NULL to unset the path
* Sets an accelerator path for this menu from which accelerator paths
* for its immediate children, its menu items, can be constructed.
......@@ -3086,7 +3086,8 @@ gtk_menu_get_tearoff_state (GtkMenu *menu)
* gtk_menu_set_title:
* @menu: a #GtkMenu
* @title: a string containing the title for the menu
* @title: (nullable): a string containing the title for the menu, or %NULL to
* inherit the title of the parent menu item, if any
* Sets the title string for the menu.
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