Commit b3166b74 authored by Victor Manuel Jaquez Leal's avatar Victor Manuel Jaquez Leal Committed by Emmanuele Bassi

drawingarea: checks parent's draw() before call it

commit 6786c9d7 introduced a bug when a drawing area is used for
rendering videos, since GtkWidgetClass doesn't set a draw()
method by itself.
parent 28e1ed4f
......@@ -219,7 +219,10 @@ gtk_drawing_area_draw (GtkWidget *widget,
gtk_widget_get_allocated_width (widget),
gtk_widget_get_allocated_height (widget));
return GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (gtk_drawing_area_parent_class)->draw (widget, cr);
if (GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (gtk_drawing_area_parent_class)->draw)
return GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (gtk_drawing_area_parent_class)->draw (widget, cr);
return FALSE;
static void
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