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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.7 to 3.9
* GtkFileChooser:
- Always show fuse-mounted locations in shortcuts
- GtkFileChooserButton has received a lot of fixes and tests have
been added for many of them
* GtkWindow:
- Initial support for client-side decorations has been added. This
is going to be used by default under Wayland. To try it with other
backends, set the GTK_CSD=1 environment variable.
- gtk_window_set_titlebar: A new function that can set a custom,
client-side titlebar on toplevel windows.
* Wayland:
- Use client-side decorations
- Implement maximization
- Improve cursor handling
- Improve multi-monitor handling
- Support most GtkSettings (for now by reading GSettings directly)
- Complete the keymap implementation
- Add support for custom surfaces
- Implement animated cursors
- Support the WAYLAND_SOCKET environment variable
- Implement frame synchronizatio
- Document Wayland-specific APIs
* Broadway:
- Improve window size handling
- Implement frame synchronization
- Add support for password authentication
* New APIs, widgets, feature additions:
- GtkHeaderBar is a new widget similar to a GtkBox, with the extra
feature that it can center a child (typically a title), independent
of the other content.
- GtkPlacesSidebar is the sidebar widget in the file chooser, exported
as a public widget - it will be shared with nautilus.
- GtkStack is an alternative to GtkNotebook for showing one of several
child widgets at a time. It supports animated transitions. Tabs are
not built into this widgets, but instead provided by the separate
GtkStackSwitcher widget.
- GtkRevealer is a new new widget that can hide or show its child
in an animated fashion.
- GtkMenuTracker is a helper object that makes dealing with
GMenuModels easier and more efficient.
- gtk_grid_remove_row/column: New functions to remove whole rows
or columns from a GtkGrid
- Support for composite children has been added to GtkWidget. This
allows to create complex widgets from GtkBuilder ui files. All
complex GTK+ widgets have been converted to use this facility.
- Baseline support was added to the GTK+ size allocation machinery.
Widgets can now export the baseline of the text they contain,
and containers can align their children wrt to their baselines.
* Known problems, feature removals, compatibility caveats:
- Handling of window size is currently in flux, and there are
some known problems with sizes unintentionally changing
- Support for the Motif DND protocol has been dropped
- Client-side decorations still have some issues when drawing
directly on toplevel windows or setting their background
- Support for multiple screens per display has been removed. This
was only ever supported on X11, and is an exceedingly rare setup
nowadays. The display-screen relation is now 1:1, and we will do
some more simplification of displaymanager/display/screen/monitor
- gdk_window_get_display has been deprecated
- gtk_widget_push_composite_child has been deprecated - this was
used for anything
- GtkSwitch has been changed to draw focus internally, instead of
reserving space outside the switch for it. This may require some
application adjustment where margins were tweaked to 'correct'
the alignment of switches manually
* Printing:
- Avoid blocking when looking for avahi printers
- Don't link against avahi-gobject, use D-Bus directly
* Bugs fixed:
504901 GtkCellRendererCombo requires click-and-hold
586367 In local_only mode, file chooser should return native pa...
671939 [regression] crash on exit
672018 Need API to set global application state (busy, counters...
674051 Scrolling zoom in view - incorrect image display
674759 GtkLabel: wrong value of "mnemonic-keyval" when "use-mar...
675571 (out) or (inout) annotation possibly missing for gtk_men...
675649 gtk-demo: Fix typo
680241 Instructions on how to build a GTK app won't work with r...
681446 gtkdnd memory leak
685419 gtkprintbackendfile: Infinite loop in _cairo_write()
685420 Critical warnings when GtkPrintJob is released too early
688820 GIcon is a bad interface
688896 Add documentation for GtkWidget::show,hide,map,unmap,rea...
690275 scrolling on other windows is applied when coming back (...
691040 selection is reported incorrectly in file chooser button
692871 Need to expose output information to make GdkScreen API ...
694339 Fix build of GTK+ on Windows
694465 Allow backends to fail during initialisation
695200 Switching apps while a combobox open makes the parent wi...
695228 GdkPixbuf:ERROR:gdk-pixbuf-animation.c:242:gdk_pixbuf_an...
695278 Avoid passing a NULL title to setTitle
695304 GtkTextView: don't popdown a bubble if we don't have one
695312 Initial 'text' set in the non-numeric-only GtkSpinButton...
695375 GtkEntryAccessible: also handle entry icon tooltip NULL ...
695380 gtk_binding_entry_skip broken
695391 wayland documentation section id is "gtk-osx"
695473 treeview: fix a critical warning
695476 Drop the Motif DND protocol
695482 Universal Access panel appears jumbled and horrible afte...
695493 testgtk: issues with the color selection example
695495 testgtk: cursor example segfaults
695497 testgtk: lack of key repeat
695506 gtk-demo: link hovering unreliable
695682 Cannot build docs for wayland-only build
695714 Getting of printer info can hang
695772 Different appearance of menus within Audacious
695783 GtkApplication: Allow passing windows on non-X11 targets
695861 Allow to use custom surfaces for GdkWindows in Wayland
695874 GtkFontChooser docs
695895 Fix the gtk3-demo demo program on Windows
695945 implement minimize / maximize functionality
695948 GtkFontButton sets wrong show-preview-entry
695998 csd: enable shadows in the outer border
696051 vertical grid lines in rtl mode
696138 GtkWidget: some deprecation marks are missing
696171 GtkAssistant highlighted font unreadable
696202 Add GtkSpinner animation back to Win32 theme
696232 win32: do not crash on invalid utf8 conversion
696340 wayland: device list is populated async
696370 GtkOverlay doesn't work on top of GtkClutterEmbed
696429 wayland: Implement animated cursors
696457 gnome-ostree build broken by 3a9de35a6cefddc09aaf000e523...
696468 improve GMenuModel -> GtkMenu conversion
696546 gtk_print_backend_cups_finalize() crashes if cups_get_pr...
696553 Crash in avahi_create_browsers
696561 GtkApplicationWindow rendering broken
696608 css_image_value_parse: returning FALSE in pointer function
696622 gtk option printer widget segfault in epiphany
696623 GtkOverlay with a revealer produces warnings setting a m...
696767 a pair of memory leaks
696882 [regression] GtkWindow changes size after hide/show cycle
697048 GtkTextView: small code improvements
697144 Popup menu mnemonics fixes
697196 gtk_notebook_set_tab_reorderable boolean handling
697200 GtkWindow: notify::attached-to not emitted
697263 Impossible to set window transparency on 3.8
697275 gtk_window_set_default_size() doesn't work anymore
697427 Unreferencing GtkStatusIcon object causes abort
697673 Apps should connect only once when using Wayland
697795 xi2: Improve pointer emulation debug reporting
697886 dnd icon drawing broken on master
697947 A lot of GTK+ apps fail to launch with error "desktop_she...
698181 Document icon-shadow CSS property
698433 Geometry management broken in GtkBin widgets
698682 GtkSpinButton: don't constantly recreate style contexts f...
698864 wayland: improve integration with GdkFrameClock
699020 GtkImage: do not leak metrics in baseline align
699225 typo: Modifed -> Modified
* Translation updates:
Brazilian Portuguese
British English
Catalan (Valencian)
Simplified Chinese
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.7.12
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