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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.3.6
* The GtkTreeView accessibility support and the core
treeview code have been extensively refactored;
performance should be much improved. But watch out
for regressions.
* GtkSpinButtons have received a long-overdue face-lift
to make them easier to use with both mouse and touch.
* GtkScale has gained a has-origin property to request
filled-in drawing of the trough.
* GtkWindow can now request that the window manager hide
the titlebar when the window is maximized.
* Excessive dependencies have been culled from Requires:
lines in pc files. Dependent modules may have to declare
dependencies that they were getting 'for free' in the past.
* Theming improvements:
- The background-clip and background-origin CSS properties
have been implemented
* Win32 improvements:
- Fix theming of column headers, radio buttons and menuitems,
notebook tabs
- Make menus, tooltips, and other popups show above the
task bar.
* Wayland:
- The Wayland backend has been updated to the current Wayland API
* Bugs fixed:
603823 Print to File suggests ".ps" as filename...
640317 gtk_draw_insertion_cursor should be moved to gtk_render
646461 Leak in gtkfilechooserbutton.c: model_free_row_data
650943 Clicking resize grip causes strange mouse grabbing beh...
661428 Allow themes to know when a toplevel window appears un...
662814 Request for way to tell gtk_recent_manager_add_item_qu...
664137 Crash in Audacious audio player when browsing the add ...
664456 segfault on arrow keypress in empty GtkIconView
664467 prop-editor is broken for GdkColor properties
664469 color button doesn't notify "color" and "alpha" when c...
664537 GtkCssProvider: don't segfault when CSS file is not found
664640 CUPS authentication does not work
665140 Draw the scale split
665326 FTBFS: missing Xi/Pango/Fc for gtk-query-immodules-3.0
665616 Add hide-titlebar-when-maximized setting
665741 Crashes in treeview when pressing End key.
665999 Introspection wrong for GDK_INPUT_ONLY vs GDK_INPUT_OUTPUT
666242 Separators in menuitem are not vertically aligned
* Updated translations
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.3.4 Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.3.4
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